Frequently Asking Questions

Is the Say No To Slow app Free?

Yes it is! The app is free to download, sign in and acces your Say No To Slow video purchases. You can download the videos to your app and watch them offline.

Can I download the videos?

Yes you can! This is a new feature which we have introduced as part of the FREE Say No To Slow app.

What do I get when I purchase the series?

The Adventure Bike Series contains 16 episodes and the Dirt Bike series contains 18 episodes. You can stream them as often as you like. You can download them to the Say No To Slow app at no extra cost, so you can watch them wherever you like! You can also access them through your account on our website. They are not provided physically eg on a DVD or similar.

How much is the Say No To Slow instructional series?

The Adventure Bike series is US$34.99 and the Dirt Bike series is US$44.99.

Additional single episodes are US$4.99.

Do I need a subscription?

No you don't. It's really important to us that our customers can purchase the videos as a one time purchase and watch as often as they like without paying extra.

Are the Say No To Slow Series included in the subscription?

The Say No To Slow Dirt Bike Series and Adventure Bike series aren't part of the subscription. So you can purchase these once and once only and have access to them as long as you want to. Based on feedback from our customers, this is the most preferred way to access such a massive amount of content. If you choose to become a subscriber, you'll get additional access to the single episodes and bonus content we release each month.

If I choose to get a subscription, what do I get?

We do have a subscription option which will give you access to the community feature, live streams and Q&A's with Chris each month, and access to exclusive content not available elsewhere. 

Each new episode we release will be available at no additional charge as part of the subscription as well - but don't worry, if you aren't keen on a subscription you can still purchase these as one time purchases too!

I have previously purchased the series on an older platform, such as Vimeo, or on the older Say No To Slow website - how can I access them now?

Most of our customers will have been migrated over, and you should have received an email with instructions to log in and access on the new platform. If not - don't worry, just get in touch with us at and we can sort it out for you.

How can I view Live Streams?

When you hold a Say No To Slow subscription, you will have access to monthly live streams with Chris Birch as well as other industry experts. All of these live streams will be added to the library that only subscribers can access, and you can access them anytime (we all know it's hard to line up all the time zones!)

I've tried requesting a password reset but I don't get an email?

If you have a Yahoo email address, their settings may impact you being able to receive the password reset email. Please get in touch with us at and we will reset your password for you.

Want to purchase the Say No To Slow videos but not a subscription?

That's no problem. Just head to the Catalog, and make your purchases, and you can watch them anytime, download them to the Say No To Slow app, and away you go.

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You can visit or contact us for more information!